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Here be lots of Mark Gatiss-obsession, Sherlock reblogging, random appreciation of Things-What-Be-Awesome and gif-experimentation. Most of my gifs are Gatiss themed and are tagged. Old gif dump posts can be found here and here. I like to spam the place with Mark-related things, particularly on Wednesdays.

The basics about me:

Folks usually call me Nicola - what with that being my name. I'm from Bristol in the UK, am 29 years old and apparently should know better. I've been in a variety of interweb fandoms over the years but am happily parked between the Gatissian and Sherlockian circles on the Venn diagram at the moment. I have two pet hamsters and one rather moth-eaten taxidermy squirrel. I go by alocin42 in a few other places online. I'm always happy to respond to queries or random questions; drop me an ask. I'm on twitter too but it's not particularly fandom related. My Gatiss-wife is the lovely Holly aka deathbygatiss. Penguins mate for life. <3

When I've remembered to tag them fic recs can be found here and here. I'm a multi-shipper in the sense that if it involves Mycroft hooking up with anyone (or indeed anything) then I'm all for it; from Holmescest to Johncroft to Mystrade (or all three combined) - seeing Irene for some recreational scolding or bizarre situations involving cake. He's my fandom little black dress and you'll get no shipping judgement here.


The Gatiss Guild is a loose, primarily carbon-based group of Mark Gatiss admirers on tumblr. If you're interested in Mark for his work, his life or his gorgeous ginger physical form then come on over to the Guild blog, follow the Guild twitter feed or join us by checking out the tag.

I also recommend checking out the Gatiss Wednesday tag as it's just about the most concentrated location of Gatissian goodness on the web. Wednesdays are happy days.
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Discovered a handy website that warns you whether a pet gets injured or dies in the film you want to watch. For example in Aliens - “The cat from the first film appears at the beginning of this film but is left safely at home and does not encounter any aliens.” But in Babe - “A talking sheep is mortally wounded by wolves.”

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